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Keeping stainless steel surfaces free of contamination from fingerprints and dirt, as well as making them easier to clean, is an active field of research and technology development. Recent advances in nanotech has led to unique stayclean and easy-to-clean surface properties. Transparent anti-fingerprint nanocoatings find application on stainless steel surfaces, plastics and glass across a range of markets. They are particularly suitable for decorative surfaces in lift car interiors, households and buildings and on glass touch panels.

Over the last few years stainless steel has been increasingly applied to outer cases on important household appliances, in premium products that have the feel and sturdiness of metal. They are used in housings, facings, kitchen appliances, decorative mouldings, grips, handles or faucets and these surfaces especially sensitive to fingerprints that both tarnish their appearance and can lead to longer-term surface damage. To prevent this, protective coatings are required.

Tiking’s Anti-fingerprint nanocoatings reduce fingerprints to a minimum and can be simply wiped away with a dry cloth on the stainless steel surface.

Our Tiking Stainless Steel surfaces are applied with this finished coating to provide a high-quality appearance. Anti-fingerprinting of stainless steel surfaces are commonly found in interior and exterior architecture, passenger elevators, public ticket machines and cover panels of white goods is desirable as in everyday use the visual appearance of these products is impaired by soiling. Cleaning and maintenance costs can be significant, especially in publicly accessed buildings.

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