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Our company developed the first-generation vacuum ionizing titanium nuclear reactor with the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, as well as the world's largest second generation vacuum ionizing titanium nuclear reactor independently. Tiking has successfully incorporated aerospace technology into advance building materials and resolved the various challenges faced in traditional surface processing, such as: electroplate, coating (causes extensive pollution), coloring of bronze (difficult to maintain and comes with color variations), gold plating (expensive), etc. We have increased the strength and durability of the material, which is truly a long-lasting building material.

In 1998, Tiking solved the difficulties faced during mass production, making mass production available to the market since then. High-techtitanium building materialsareno longer an unaffordable or inaccessible material and titanium products will be incorporated into our daily lives in the 21st century. We uphold our principles to create innovative and high-quality products in order to protect our environment and Tiking will continue to be a pioneer in the industry with the combined efforts of all our employees.
Our Cases
Various doors / revolving doors
Walls of buildings /
Exterior curtains of buildings
Interior and exterior surfaces of lift doors

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