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Established in 1993, Tiking Ti-Gold Technology Company Limited is a major manufacturer that produces stainless steel plates applied with titanium cap film technique. This technique is widely often used in the aerospace industry. Tiking is the first titanium building material company in Taiwan to be certified by ENTELA ISO 9002. Having the largest titanium based metal surface-processing factory in the world, the technology of Tiking has since witnessed rapid progression with its products being sold to countries in the Middle East, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, the US and the quality-demanding Japan.

Tiking has developed a cutting edge titanium nuclear reactor in association with various R&D institutes and has subsequently developed the world’s largest second and third generation titanium nuclear reactors. Tiking has successfully incorporated aerospace technology into advanced building materials and constantly continues to look for ways to improve. As the demands of Titanium alloy market constantly gets more demanding, Tiking has invested heavily in its production capability and unceasingly keep renewing its machine and equipment. It has brought the most advanced equipment and technologies from Japan such as the latest hairline machines, bead blasting machines, 3D multi-directional etching machines, vibration machines, big electrolysis washing machine and glass-grinding machine, which is capable of producing 500 high quality mirrors a day, among others.
With all these cutting edge machines, the factory is able to integrate the entire production process, from initial stainless steel surface finishing to the final 3D and ionized titanium plating finishing. All the processes can be completed in the factory, which reduces costs while enhancing and maintaining a high level of quality.

Tiking has made titanium into an affordable metal for use as building material. It is the only manufacturer in the world that is capable of producing more than 8000 titanium plates per month, capable of producing titanium-coated sheets in different colors such as: gold, bronze, brown, black, silver and rose gold. Furthermore, Tiking has the largest variety of surface material designs with more than 350 designs available.

Our Titanium-coated stainless steel plates can be used for the pillars of a building, the surface walls, tiling, roofs, art works, interior walls, main doors, revolving doors, doorframes, railings, etc. Tiking has invested heavily in the development of various affordable high quality household products in order to incorporate titanium into our everyday lives.

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